Sunday, July 12, 2009

James Moran is... excellent writer and a good bloke.

Nobody deserves the stupid crap the morons have been firing at him.

It's a story. And it is a bloody good story. The fact that it generated such a fantastic level of emotion is a tribute to its quality. The fact that James has been forced to write this

is a tribute too. Perversely.

I look at it this way: Torchwood Children of Earth was a very upsetting piece, it was real. The people in it behaved as people would. And it's not pretty.

In my opinion we all have bad things lurking inside, some of us can deal with it, we can acknowledge that under certain circumstances we might behave in bad ways, while hoping we won't. However those people who attacked James are those who cannot face the truth. They attempt to deny it by attacking the person who stood up and said "look, this could be you". (I know it wasn't just him but James has been the public face over the last week.)

Regardless of the type of attack, regardless of any so-called justifications for their attacks, it comes down to one thing: This TV show - this entertainment - threatened to show them what they were really like, and they couldn't take it, they had to lash out.

This is why there is no sense in trying to reason with them. For a start the thing they claim to be the problem isn't actually the real problem, and second, the damage has already been done and cannot be undone. They don't know what the problem really is, because if they did ... then it wouldn't be a problem.

RTD has done it before with Second Coming, though the reaction was less intense.

For what it's worth, James, I think you and the others created one of the best TV experiences I have ever had. It was utterly brilliant.

What's on the turntable? "When Tomorrow Comes" by the Eurythmics from "Revenge"


Lucy V said...

Well said. I was GENUINELY SCARED by Torchwood. Torchwood! I don't even like SF usually!!! WTF??? Yet I loved this story because it was SO REAL... I could imagine having to run with the children "round the back" whilst my Hub and his mates cause a riot and distraction, possibly even getting themselves killed in the process. Utterly, utterly riveting.

Sofluid said...

Here here!