Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Into space

Have you see that Lynx Space Academy advert? The one that's clearly targeted at young men?

Well, my daughter wants to go to - and why not?

I know I'm biased but she's pretty awesome:
  • She's trained in martial arts since she was 5;
  • In the top 5% in school in all subjects;
  • When she was 18 she took herself off to New Zealand to do environmental work;
  • Spent weeks in the Bolivian jungle building animal enclosures and then working with big cats that couldn't be returned to the wild;
  • Zoo Biology at University;
  • Her own show on student radio;
  • And a total SF/Fantasy geek;
  • And an actress (trained with the RSC for a while);
  • And was a volunteer (Games Maker) at the London Paralympics;
Plus she was always the kind of child that people said to us as parents "you're so lucky". (Not to say she's perfect, oh dearie me no, the tales... but never mind that, she may be awesome but she's still human.)

So she wants to go into space. And why not? Especially when Lynx are offering the chance to whoever can get through their competition.

The first stage of that involves voting: each person in the top 200 goes through to the next stage which involves both physical and mental challenges - well that's up to her but what's up to everyone else is getting her through this stage.

And she's doing pretty well but she needs your help, she needs you to vote for her, another 250 votes will do it. That's just a mere 250 people deciding that she can go. But you have to decide to help, so please make that decision and vote for her:

Do it now - it only takes 30 seconds.

What's on the turntable? (It's quiet ... too quiet.)