Here we have some of my scripts with a short description and a downloadable first 10 pages.

TV series
TV series (6 x 60mins, serial)
Genre: SF thriller
The Coming of Age story of a girl who's turning into a monster - literally.
Monsters (1st 10 pages)

TV series (12 x 30mins, serial)
Genre: Kids Fantasy adventure
A princess seeking a powerful army to save her world is accidentally transported to modern day Britain.
Air (1st 10 pages)

TV Series (6 x 60min, series with serial elements)
Genre: Detective (sort of UK "The Mentalist")
A young female hacker, just released from prison, tries to rebuild her life, but become embroiled in technology-based murders she is compelled to solve.

Feature films
Feature (90mins)
Genre: SF action thriller
A dead newlywed, on the run for a murder she doesn’t remember committing, struggles to discover who she really is.
Running (1st 10 pages)

Feature (100mins)
Genre: Steampunk action adventure
A young Victorian lady with a passion for extra-terrestrial plants strives to clear her father’s name only to find the most powerful forces in the world against her.
Rebel (1st 10 pages)

Une Nuit a Paris
Feature (90mins)
Genre: Comedy thriller
During his stag night in Paris, an upwardly mobile twenty-something geek struggles to rescue a prostitute he falls for.

Short (10mins)
Genre: Existential drama (honest)
A promising student comes into conflict with her University when she claims to have seen a unicorn.