Monday, January 17, 2011

Story, Structure and Time

Just felt I had to draw your attention to this Script Secret by Bill Martell:

It's not about time

Which explains why structure isn't the limiter that some people think it is.

It's good stuff.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Procrastination station

I'm on a train heading back to London to begin a new web development contract, having got my head screwed on straight during my Birmingham getaway.

There are two main types of contract job in my field: one where you are embedded in the company you're working for (as I was at NBC); or working for the client of an agency, as I am this time.

This job is much easier to get to than the previous one - no train changes required, going to and from, plus the station is quite close to the agency. Much more convenient.

To be honest I'm procrastinating. I've been working on Running for the past hour and a half, and have hit a logical but awkward scene. Not quite sure how it will reach the resolution it needs to reach yet, so I need to think about it a bit. The script is progressing nicely however.

I saw The Green Hornet today. Quite entertaining in general, though not a "great" film. However there was one aspect which had me in writer-gasms (hm, might not use that term again) when it came to the film's Inciting Incident. You might think that in a comedy action movie the Inciting Incident might be something huge, at least very funny or even action-y.

But it isn't, it is a tiny thing which is set-up very well and fits the main character perfectly. Quality writing, but given the main character's complete lack of caring for others, it had to be something that would reach and move him.

I also watched Jonah Hex. Even disregarding the terrible liberties they took with the story and the character, this is a poorly written film. A shame.

I also need you to start thinking about Bolivia.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good news...

...but I can't tell you exactly what it is.

Except that it is to do with someone liking a script what I wrote. But there are a few more hoops to jump through before I can say what it is ... or, if I trip in a hoop, what it isn't.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011



Sorry yes, midway through my exceedingly refreshing two week sabbatical. I know, everybody else goes back to work and I go on holiday. How inconsiderate of me is that?

So what have I been doing apart from getting my head put on the right way around?

I've done some writing - still working on the Running rewrite, pretty happy with the way that's shaping up, a new ending popped into my head which is much juicier than the original. And I've been doing development work on the sitcom Charity when not seated at the computer.

This sitcom writing thing still scares the life out of me - unlike any other type of writing. I'm almost afraid to put finger to keyboard even though I have characters and storyline worked out. Why? What if it's not funny? If you read industry people discussing sitcom submissions their biggest issue with what they receive? It's not funny!

Oh well.

Oooh, I've already entered a scriptwriting competition, so that's one of my required 12 for the year.

It was easy with Without a Box ( which is another way for Amazon to take control of the indie film market but at least you can actually get something out of it. Basically hundreds of film festivals from around the world add their details to WAB, and then you can enter them online (and pay online - they [almost] always cost to enter).

Filmmakers can upload their projects and submit them (this is the majority of the festivals) while scriptwriters can upload scripts and submit those to the writing categories of festivals. Quite handy, and it means it becomes easy to enter lots of competitions and spend a lot of money.

What else?

Oh, I also started my secret campaign to get my name about more. Too soon to know if it's working.

And I watched a lot of films on TV.

See you soon.

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