About me

By day, a contract web developer - but, by night, I sleep.

No wait, by night I am a scriptwriter, oh yes.

I write mostly action-based SF and Fantasy TV and feature scripts usually with female protagonists (I just want to be Joss Whedon really).

You can sample my scripts with downloads of the first 10 pages in all cases, available on the scripts page.

Current projects
A 6-part web series which may well get it's own page when it starts moving properly.

Possibly a radio play but that's a way off currently.

Competition rankings
As I'm not actually produced yet I can only point at competitions I've entered and say "look I typically do okay in these".

Finalist in the 2010 London Screenwriters Festival Short competition; Finalist in the 2009 Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival "ScriptMarket" competition; Semi-finalist for the 2009 CBBC/Writersroom children's TV competition; Finalist in the 2008 Red Planet Prize for TV writing.