Sunday, July 05, 2009

The story so far...

Back here I outlined what I felt my goals were for this year.

1. Get a writing commission.
2. Complete my current works in progress

The WIPs then were: Air, Unit X, Une Nuit a Paris, and Winter.

So how's it gone?

No commissions, I have the collaboration offered to me specifically because the Producer liked my style. I have the other potential commission still waiting.

Air was completed to a good result.

Unit X was completed to a poor result, but I know what's wrong with it.

However some time later I re-evaluated my projects on the basis of how they could forward my career, though I can't find the post. This threw Une Nuit a Paris out of the running, as was Unit X, both need too much work. But I did finish the first draft of Unit X.

was a potential commission from the BBC but wasn't accepted. It got canned by me because it's far too complicated to write as a spec, it could never even work as a spec for reasons I won't go into.

Okay, I will go into it: Imagine you had to write a script but at every major decision point you had to branch off and write the rest of the script. But you've taken one branch, now you have another decision point, the story can go two further ways, you have write both. And so on.

That's a lot of writing for a spec.

Instead I've nearly completed Tec, I wrote Which? my fun Torchwood/Being Human crossover, and experiment in writing in other people's character's voices. Tec exists to show I can write non-SF/non-Fantasy. Oh and I wrote the feature script Running as well from scratch in April.

So what's next?
  1. Work on the collaboration thing which we'll call Clones.
  2. Work on a spec for an existing TV show, which is Noise.
  3. Work on a second spec script for an existing TV show ... hm, that'll be called Wildlife.
  4. And work on new drafts of Running
  5. and of Tec - which will be my entry for the next Red Planet.
Might not hear much about Noise and Wildlife for a while, but you never know.

Good enough.

What's on the turntable? It's quiet here on the train. I'm not in the Quiet Carriage, because people there always make loads of noise. Seriously.

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