Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Searchamafaction #4

One of the nice things about Google Analytics is that it keeps all your information and you can examine your sites stats over whatever period you choose. I thought I'd see how I've been doing over the last year, on a monthly basis, and I find that the visits to the site had been increasing steadily up to a little over 1000 per month in January then held steady for two further months and then went into a slight decline … but climbed again through May, with June being the highest ever.

I have to report that my visits are now 80% from other sites and a mere 7.5% from search engines. I find that a little upsetting but it's a (mainly) Google thing. Google tracks when you go to a site from one of its searches – and if you come back almost immediately. If you do then it assumes the site does not fill the search requirements as much as it thought it did and so you get downgraded for that type of search. I have a pathetic 83% bounce rate – people leaving without going to another page, although I suspect that has something to do with the way the blogs are organised.

So to business, what are the best search terms for the last two months? I didn't do a Searchamafaction last month.

1. Merlin (16)

2. Imagination cubed (15)

2. My body is my tool (15)

4. Progress bar (8)

5. Inktip (7)

6. CBBC competition (3)

6. Jeff Kitchen (3)

8. Audition Bristol Old Vic 2

9. Bamzooki 2

9. Celtx 2

With oddest search term being: casanova "fake death".

Until the next time.

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