Thursday, July 23, 2009

There's exciting

The Daughter hasn't heard back on the Welsh-accent acting job, this is probably something to do with the fact that it suddenly dawned on me that the ad said "Welsh-speaking". Which she isn't, not even nearly.

She's thinking of having lessons in Mandarin, but I don't really think that will help.

Yester-eve I had a meeting with the Producer and Director (hi, Chris - he reads this so I have to be careful what I say) of the extract of Monsters we're planning to film. Good meeting and I think we all got on. Got a schedule of sorts sorted out - the only stumbling block currently is that we need a school to film in, and this is the wrong time to be trying to talk to a school. 'Cos they're not there.

Still there's plenty of other stuff to be working on. I have to supply a couple of even-more-cut-down scenes, as well as pitch doc and character bios/descriptions. We'll be putting the casting call out soon and having fun at auditions.

The Daughter is already cast as lead character (the benefits of nepotism), and as we were going home she commented that it was easy to see how writers can get sidelined once the whole movie-making machine gets underway - not that Kate and Chris are doing that to me, she hastened to add.

Perceptive girl.

What's on the turntable? At work ... so no music. Perhaps I should get a little machine that plays music.


Lucy V said...

Have you thought about targeting a language/TEFL school to film in? They look the same as ordinary schools with whiteboards, classrooms and the like (plus there's zillions of them around) and they're ALWAYS there in the summer cos it's the busiest time... But great thing is they're always DESERTED at weekends because the foreign students go on trips to museums and stuff.

Adaddinsane said...

Brilliant. Thanks.