Monday, July 20, 2009


Other people don't blog because they're busy.

I fail to blog when I'm not busy.

The first day of the new job was fine, suffering from information overload because the site is huge (I've been brought in to finish it by the deadline - just like the re-brand of Paramount Comedy), and I have to do meetings, oh well. Nice company though. Travel time is about 80 minutes but with some judicious route-choosing I can probably cut that down.

But when it comes to writing I can't get started on the re-write of Running because I can't print it out (no ink). Does that sound like an excuse? I suppose it might be, sort of, except I really want to be able to read it through properly, and you can't read things properly on screen. But I have been thinking about its structure and how it needs to change. I need to go back to basics - the Aristotle level of basics.

Still, I watched the Swedish Wallander this evening. I liked the Brannagh version very much, but this is in a different class. It's all so understated, the photography is superb, the acting is brilliant, the plot is tight and the dialogue - is sometimes comprehensible - it's excellent.

I think having the dialogue as subtitles helps in some ways, it allows the actor's expression to really come through, somehow.

What's on the turntable? Still quiet.

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