Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Teacher and the Daughter read Tec yesterday, the Daughter never says anything critical (maybe I should give her one of my known-to-be-not-very-good scripts just to test her). The Teacher, on the other hand, has no problem saying what she thinks (she also spent many years as a magazine editor), but said she liked it anyway. (She particularly liked the fact she gets a cover page credit for the original idea.)

So what's next? Choosing the next project seems to be a common issue in the scribosphere at the moment - but I'm not asking for a vote.

I need to do another draft of Running before I hit the spec script. I think having a finished feature - especially one that a producer is slightly interested in - is most important plus I need the practice in feature writing, I'm much more uncomfortable with features than TV.

Assuming I can organise my time on my new schedule. We shall see.

(Just saw Half Blood Prince, it's rather good - it's all downhill from here.)

What's on the turntable? Nuffink

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