Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well. That was - phenomenal.

The Daughter missed the last episode last night - she's watching it on iPlayer right now with headphones. I saw the expression on her face during the earlier bit with the civil servant and the gun. Now she's crying, just like I did last night. Just as the Teacher did when she watched it this afternoon (she missed last night as well).

I hope I can write like that one day.

(Oh and welcome to Lisa.)

What's on the turntable? The excellent Poirot theme tune, I'm doing research.


The Kid In The Front Row said...

Torchwood never appealed to me. Everyone's been going on about it- everyone. Maybe I should jump on iplayer.. I just don't want too, I don't even know why!

Adaddinsane said...

Well, Kid, Torchwood was in the weird position of not being "great" but people (those who care about their SF TV) really wanting it to be great - hoping that each new episode would "do the business".

There were some good episodes.

But "Children of Earth" is fundamentally different - it is great drama in the way "Battlestar Galatica" was great drama.

Both are about people being put in impossible situations and making bad decisions for the best reasons. And making decisions that no one ever wants to make.

It's powerful stuff, and that's why it hit about 6 million viewers and kept them all week.