Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Land of My Fathers

The Daughter needs some help.

After being on for many years she's been offered an audition. Only trouble is she needs a Welsh accent that doesn't head into the Far East.

There are excellent dialect samples on the IDEA website (people from all over the world speaking English) but do you have any suggestions that could help? (I have no idea whether it's supposed to be North or South Wales.)

What's on the turntable? "Hello" by Evanescence from "Fallen"


Tony said...

Find some Max Boyce MP3's - practice telling the stories.

Adaddinsane said...

I saw Max in concert many years ago so yes, good idea (oh god, I'm thinking with a welsh accent now).

Or anybody on this list that there's a recording of:

(Hey Tony - you know, I haven't had anything from WAUK in 3-4 weeks - I think my email started bouncing stuff again.)

Sofluid said...

Tune in to a Welsh radio station. Even listebning to it in the background can help you tune in.

I speak with a Welsh accent by thinking of someone I know who has a Welsh accent, thinking how they would say it and then copying it.

Good luck to her!

Unknown said...

I don't know if this is any good, but you can listen here:

Also, there were Welsh accents in the recent Torchwood.

Good luck to her.