Friday, July 24, 2009

Definition of Tragedy

Our dog noticed a spider running across the floor, under the coffee table.

He dived half under the coffee table, watching it. It stopped. He stopped. He waited and watched it.

Then it ran - from dog's viewpoint it wanted to play! He chased it across the floor, and sniffed it. It tried to escape. He squished it with his nose as he tried to sniff it.

It stopped moving. He tried to eat it. Spat it out.

It didn't move.

Then he prodded it with his paw, to get it moving again.

But it didn't move. It was dead.

He chewed it a little more. Spat it out.

It still didn't move.

He rolled over beside it, giving it the opportunity to attack him.

But it didn't move, it was dead.

So he stood up. Went over and dived half under the coffee table again. Perhaps hoping the spider would play with him if he went back to his previous position.

But the spider was dead.


What's on the turntable? Denzel Washington is on the TV...


Eleanor said...

Story of my life. I am that spider. ;)

Eleanor said...

...Or, maybe I'm the dog?

It's all very confusing ... what with being dead and a spider and all....