Monday, May 11, 2009

Pig sick

While I do actually understand the potential concerns in regard to Swine Flu, I revolt heavily against the ridiculous fuss and deliberate terrorist activities of the Media. (Am I being a little extreme calling the media "terrorists"? They are deliberately terrifying people. What else would you call it?)

The facts are that pretty much anybody who is healthy will get this flu (which has symptoms no worse than any other type of flu) and recover from it without any medical intervention. (New strains of flu do have the problem that people with very strong immune systems are most at risk - because they cause an overreaction that causes the body to attack itself.)

The main (genuine) concern is that, later this year, this strain will return when the weather is colder, people are more prone to getting ill and then cause rather more trouble. Having a fast spreading flu to which most people are not immune would be inconvenient - might cause problems with transport, policing, health service, etc etc.

This I understand and it is a legitimate concern.

Which is why I'm not sure I understand the purpose of trying to contain it now. Surely having people getting it and building up their immunity would be sensible? It would reduce the spread and impact later on.

Didn't they used to have chicken pox parties so that children were guaranteed to catch it young, because catching it when you're older is a bad thing?

What's on the turntable? Nuffink.


Scaramanga said...
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Scaramanga said...

While I share your concern with regards to the media and their overexposure and handling of this topic, I think that the idea of a chicken pox party is not that great.

While its true it is like a regular flu in severity. there are still are the odd cases that seem to defy logic. Like the one in Canada recently.

Besides that, if people get it they get it.

But having a party and increasing the risk of infection to something like swine flu would probably lead to mass panic on the publics part and too much pressure on the health system as you pointed out.

Also a sudden outburst of fresh infections with a steep rise would probably have these media feckers going crazier than they already are.


Adaddinsane said...

I can see why you thought I was .. in retrospect ... implying a "flu party" but I wasn't. Just a comment on the alternative approach to trying to hide from a disease which is no more lethal than any other form of flu.

Scaramanga said...

When you said irony and sarcasm may be employed on this blog I thought you meant everyone ;)

Scaramanga said...

What I really mean is "youre damned if you do, and youre damned if you dont"

Adaddinsane said...

There is no question. I was damned well before this.