Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Got my feedback from Jez last night on Air. Excellent stuff - thanks.

As I need to get this sorted out for the CBBC competition I've temporarily shelved Tec to make sure Air is just gleaming with polish (yes, I have 6 weeks but if I do it now I can send it and forget about it).

I also went back to the report from Dave Bull that I got back in February because I knew there were some changes I hadn't made that he had recommended. At the time I didn't want to make them, but by comparing them with the latest feedback I could see more clearly whether the changes were needed.

Jez brought up some interesting points, some of which tied in with Dave's comments, so I had a good old analyse and wrote a list of changes. Some were no-brainers, just make the obvious change.

Others needed a bit more thought about how they could be done sensibly. But I usually find that these changes have other beneficial knock-on effects - if they are something that should be done.

Anyway it took me about two hours in all but I'm happy with the changes.

I'll print it out at the weekend and give it a run-through with the red pen to ensure it flows and I haven't done anything silly. Then it'll be in the post and forgotten.

'Til next time.

What's on the turntable? "Visionary" by Gordon Giltrap from "Visionary"

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