Thursday, May 07, 2009

Totally plot-tastic


I had got as far as I could with the characters and needed to do some more plot for the first episode of Tec.

Tricky things pilots, all that exposition that needs to be seamlessly melded into the plot, but first you need a plot. Up to this point I had the memory of the plot as figured out by myself and the Teacher all those years ago (I've been saying two years, but I suspect it's more like five or six).

Stories are driven by the antagonist - and in the case of of crime stories, by the crime as committed by the antagonist (or -ists, as it may be). Since I'd really like to experiment with writing a scene or two tomorrow on the train home I needed to get a deeper understanding of the crime to be investigated.

The 36 dramatic situations are helpful here, though I just used them from memory. There are five main characters intimately connected with the crime: Two of them have become brother and sister, because that adds a nice dramatic dynamic.

There is murder involved, but not just anyone will commit a murder - it has to be believable that the murderer really could do it. So there are lots of things to consider but I think I have it sorted - murder, jealousy, blackmail, fraud, greed, illicit sex, more blackmail, more murder. All the fun of the fair.

Now I just have to get my protagonist involved.

What's on the turntable? "Robin (The Hooded Man)" by Clannad from "Pastpresent". Many moons ago the Teacher and I went to a Clannad gig, it was a very civilised affair at the Opera House in Manchester. (We also saw Paul Nicholas as the Pirate King in "Pirates of Penzance" there 5 times.)

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