Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gone all commercial

I decided to do some web promotion - well sort of "passive" web promotion.

I'm a member of the Shooting People website and for about £20/year you get access to lots of lovely stuff including a place to store your scripts and make them available for reading, should you so wish.

So I have expanded my profile on there to include Monsters and Air, which you can read in full if you are a member - and even if you're not you can read the first 10 pages of both. Aren't I good to you? (Hm, depends on whether you like them or not I suppose, well, it's the thought that counts.) I also spent some time putting together the pretty pictures to go with the scripts.

I'm also a member of LinkedIn which is for professionals (any sort) and has all sorts of discussion groups and such like. So I had a revamp of that too.

Then I crosslinked everything, you can see the links at the side there.


Tomorrow it's back to Tec.

What's on the turntable? "Heartsong" by Gordon Giltrap from "Perilous Journey". Not sure why but I've had GG on repeat play for the last week, and I only have two albums. Easy on the ears when writing I suppose.

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