Monday, May 11, 2009

Future blogging

I've spent most of this evening composing the blog that will appear next Tuesday (19th). It's an important one for me but I shall leave you in mystery as to its contents.

I have been working on my outline for Tec and I have a feeling that 60 minutes is not going to be enough. I shall just have to write it and see how it turns out. If it's only a little bit over I can cut it back, otherwise it might have to be 90 minutes instead. (Although it would be better to make it 60 otherwise it may look as if I can't write to length which would be unprofessional.)

Working on the outline has also given me pause for thought on why some of my scripts (like Air) have flowed easily and been given the thumbs up after just two drafts, whereas Unit X failed so miserably - well, it's okay but needs a lot of work.

And I'm pretty sure it comes down to how well I know the characters. With Unit X I wanted the female army doctor to be the protagonist, and yet the base commander came out as more like the protagonist. But in Air the protagonist was never in question. I believe a major reason is down to how well I knew the character. The doctor was not sufficiently real to me therefore it was impossible to write the story from her perspective - I didn't really know what her perspective was.

On the other hand the setting was also an influence. Since she, the doctor, is not in charge she is not the one making the decisions. She can only go where she is told to go, and do what she is told to do. Which is why Unit X needs a lot more work, more than I can afford to give it. This is, perhaps, the reason for the ever-recurring "maverick" cop - if he's not a maverick then he'll just do as he's told, and not be the actual protagonist. So I'd have to make her a maverick for it to work - there you go, a writing revelation on the fly.

Luckily the setting issue does not arise in Tec though I have to be sure I know the character well enough before I write (although it's an iterative process - develop some - write some - develop some more - write some more and so on).

Went to see Star Trek at the Manchester IMAX yesterday: Very good. Only one sequence felt wrong/unnecessary/too coincidental, but even that was handled boldly, so who cares. Enjoyed by the whole family. I like J. J. Abrams.

Watched Ashes to Ashes this evening. Superb. 'Nuff said.

Did some catch-up on Robin Hood last week. The writing and storylines are better. But still doing stupid things, watched three episodes. Gave up. It feels like a similar problem to Demons which is to say that the production team think fantasy is a joke and don't take it seriously. This show lost 1.3 million viewers in one week.

Primeval, on the other hand, is getting very good indeed. They've really managed to get it together for season three. Like very much.

What's on the turntable? "Almost seems (Too Late to Turn)" by Clannad from "Pastpresent"


Scaramanga said...

Primeval must be doing well as it is getting its season premiere stateside this coming week.

I just think that the word anomoly occurs far too much for my liking! :)

I agree with robin hood, i think it was a good chance wasted. It was almost like that maid marion show on BBC when I was a kid it was that slapstick/ridiculous.

Scaramanga said...

Oh and I was confused, which show lost 1.3 million viewers? robin hood or demons?


Adaddinsane said...

Robin Hood was doing the losing.

Ah, "Maid Marion and her Merry Men" - genius from the pen of Tony Robinson.

See Wikipedia for details