Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Night Saturday Morning

Midnight as I write...

10 pages of Tec completed. I need to insert a scene between two others just to break them up, otherwise it's corny. There's been lots of muttering about writing sequences in the scribosphere of late - someone released a book about it I think.

Doesn't work so well for TV, at least not for me, I cut back and forth a lot. I write two or more sequences together. Helps maintain the pace and interest I think.

Tomorrow the Boy does the next stage of the audition process to get on CBBC's Bamzooki show.

Oh, just remembered what I wanted to say: writing resource idea #87643 - I needed to write a little bit about Styal Women's Prison, having decided that was where my protagonist was incarcerated.

I did lots of reading on the HM Prison's website but I wanted to see what it looked like. In particular I wanted to see what the entrance looked like. I realised that I could do it on Multimap using its "Bird's Eye" option. I searched for Styal and then switched to Ordnance Survey view to find the prison. Then zoomed in and switched to Bird's Eye and got this. (I'm not sure this takes you exactly to the right place but one has to try.)

What's on the turntable? "Here Comes the Rain Again" by Annie Lennox - singing live on Jools as I write, yummy

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