Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Guide to Inktip script registration

As part of my ongoing shameless self-promotion (shameless? No one else is going to do it) I have registered a script with Inktip, with their 1 week free special offer, just to see what happens.

Before you can register you will need several things:
  • A PDF of your script (you can use other formats);
  • A synopsis (up to 450 words);
  • A logline (up to 60 words);
  • A script registration number (see below);
  • A resume (which I didn't have, see below).
  • A good idea what your scripts about (hope you do), number of locations (roughly), main characters, level of special effects (none, a lot, a bit);
Script registration: The form requires you to have registered your script, although you could lie and use the "Other" option and put in a random number. But Inktip is for professionals, not silly people. So I registered Monsters with the WGAw which cost about £15 for 5 years. For this registration you need an ID number - I used my UK NI number, which is fine.

So that took about 10 minutes.

Then off to Inktip and filling the forms which took quite a while because there are lots of things to fill in especially lots of genre, sub-genre, theme stuff - so that your script will match the correct searches.

There's quite a bit of online help and places to put any competitions you've won or been shortlisted for. However when it came to a writing resume I didn't really have one, so I jotted down some bits about my screenwriting and past writing experience.

Because Inktip has certain standards they check all the script uploads (not the actual script) to ensure you've filled everything in appropriately. So we'll see whether they like my resume.

This took about 30 minutes. Though having done it once obviously it will be easier, plus you can store your resume on the system (in fact, multiple resumes).

So we shall see.

(Slightly over an hour later I received an email saying my "placement" had been approved. So, it's on - for a week.)

What's on the turntable? "End Credits" by Vangelis from "Bladerunner soundtrack"

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