Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Business

I am not qualified to write about being in the writing business because I've never had anything produced (yet). On the other hand I think I am qualified to comment on your business, because I have been involved in various successful (and unsuccessful) businesses.

I said "your" business for a reason: If you are working to become a successful (by which I mean, paid and produced) writer then you are running a business - whether you like it or not, and you better like it otherwise you'll either fail or run into trouble.

So I thought I'd write a little series on the subject. (Which is really good timing because I've just realised it's May 27th and I'm only 20 pages into Tec and I targeted to finish it this month. So I'll just have to do both.)

But this isn't going to be a didactic, you must do it this way, kind of thing; more about business in general and what business functions you need to have in order to have success. Some will be obvious, some less so. And obviously I can't guarantee success but hopefully this will help.

As a first step let's forget the idea that any business model destroys creativity - that's just nonsense. What a good business model does is organise the business functions that allow the creativity to expand and actually achieve its goal. It allows you to prioritise more easily and to reduce the chaos that the real world tends to hit you with - which gives the creativity more time and fewer distractions.

If you don't organise your business finances, for example, one day the Man from the Inland Revenue will come knocking on your door and then you really won't be able to finish that next masterpiece. But having your accounts organised will keep him happy and you productive.

So, this was Part 0, the Introduction, there will be another seven or eight easily digestible parts over the next couple of weeks. Hope you find them useful.

What's on the turntable? Not a sausage

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