Sunday, May 03, 2009

Coming of Age

I have done almost nothing for the last couple of days - well, when I say "nothing" it's not really nothing. Just not writing.

Today is the Daughter's 18th Birthday, she was out with her friends yesterday, seeing "Wolverine" followed by an all-you-can-eat Chinese. Then back for a sleep-over. She doesn't do clubbing and doesn't drink alcohol at all. Today we're off to a country fair, mostly horses and dogs. Tomorrow we'll all go and see "Wolverine" as a family.

The Teacher is working today, of course. Good teachers do rather more work than people give them credit for. (She was particularly annoyed at the report that came out last week about education "That's what good teachers do! And we've been doing it for years!" was her (edited) response.

In fact I didn't get to post this before so we went to the fair. We didn't have coats or hats and it was windy and rained a bit (we are usually better organised than this). But we decided to have a good time, so we did. As this is a country fair with dogs it means that dogs are allowed. So we took the puppy with us. I say "puppy", he is only about 1 year old but he's a good size and full of energy. Someone suggested the word "doglet" for a dog that's fully grown but not mature. We decided to put Toby in for one of the dog classes: the Teacher chose "Friendliest Dog".

The Daughter took him into the ring and encouraged him to wag his tail. That's not hard, he is a super-friendly dog and his tail is a dangerous weapon. He came 4th and got a rosette for doing the only thing he knows. Wagging his tail.

That's a terrible lie, for a dog he is very intelligent which is a bad thing in a male dog: The intelligent ones are the ones that try to take over the pack. And he often tries to move up the pecking order by arguing and has to be slapped down hard - for his own good. On the other hand he is very sweet-tempered.

Personally I really am more of a cat person, but I don't have a problem being the pack's alpha male for the sake of keeping the puppy happy. (Interesting fact: A wolf pack's alpha female won't mate with any male except the alpha male - which essentially makes it her choice if there are two equal contenders, which occasionally happens.)

On the writing side I have been thinking very hard. Although I am very keen to write Tec there is another spec script which could be very beneficial to my career - perhaps more so in the short term and it's potentially time critical. I'm not sure of the best course of action so I shall have to consult with my consultant.

What's on the turntable? Nuffink

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