Monday, May 18, 2009

Opportunity slips a note under the door

Paul got it from Laurence who got it from the Writersroom website - a CBBC writing competition no less ... and they want 30 minute scripts.

Oh frabjous day!

I done got me one of those: Air!

Philip Shelley liked it so much he had only two minor suggestions. David Bull described the first 10 pages with the word: "Wow!". And I asked Jez Freedman to have a look at it just last week.

Of course this is why it's recommended that one has a portfolio of different types of work ready to go at a moment's notice (one of those things recommended by Adrian Mead). Something which I was not entirely enthusiastic about but it paid off this time.

Anyway, if you've got something - brush off the dust and let fly.

(18 pages of Tec now complete but nobody's dead yet. Soon though.)

What's on the turntable? "Quest" by Gordon Giltrap, the orchestral version from "Perilous Journey"


Janice Okoh said...


I'd love to have a portfolio of ready to go work...

Air sounds great. Good luck.

Paul McIntyre said...

Annoyingly all my children's tv script ideas are hour long pilots.

Hmm. Drawing board needs a visit.