Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brass monkeys

Here I am back in my flat in Reading having taken leave of my lovely family (and the dog) earlier today. I've been at home 5-6 weeks and the flat is cold. Really cold.

I've had the heaters on for the last hour and they're barely making an impression. The hot water tank is beginning to groan finally as it breaks the ice. I still have my hat on.

The train trip was reasonable, I got some writing work done, finally editing and adding to my kids fantasy "Air". Then, three-quarters of an hour out from Reading, someone said I was in their seat. Entirely possible since the electronic reservation system wasn't working. So I packed my stuff away and began to read one of my Christmas presents: Bill Bryson on Shakespeare. He goes to great pains to explain that, to be honest, virtually nothing is known about Shakespeare the man. Which is why his book is so slim. On the other hand it is a very interesting social survey of Shakespearian England.

I think the cost of taxis has gone up a bit. A £4.50 journey is now a £5 journey.

Good things about Reading? I've got my nice chair for writing. I have virtually no interruptions.

Bad things: I have virtually no interruptions. All the people I love and care about (apart from me) are 200 miles away. No job.

The no job thing is a pain. But that's why I am in Reading, I can hit a big chunk of the country and especially London from here. And most of the jobs are in London.

I have to get a job in the next three weeks or the family is up a certain financial creek without a paddle (no joke). Luckily I am quite employable. And tomorrow, when people finally get back to work it should all get very interesting.

Until then I have all the time in the world in which to write. So I better do it while I still have that time.

I wonder when the Red Planet Prize 2009 winner will be announced...

What's on the turntable? "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" by Queen from "A Day At The Races"

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Lara said...

I have duly obliged with the meme. Good luck with everything, mate. Hope something comes up double-quick. x