Monday, January 19, 2009

Dog ate my phone

Yes indeed, at the weekend our darling puppy chewed my phone to the point where the screen no longer works but everything else does. Makes it hard to read texts though I can make and receive calls. I have a new phone now but having trouble moving the SIM over.

I'm back in the Reading flat and have an interview with a big TV company in that London this afternoon to work on their website.

There were engineering works on the route that I usually take from Manchester to Reading, so I ended up on the Virgin train to London Euston (then across to Paddington and out to Reading). It has some advantages: it travels faster, stops less often, was virtually empty, I get first class service at the seat (unlike Cross Country trains on a Sunday). But... the speed makes it uncomfortable for working, and the table is too high for comfortable typing. And the journey time isn't compatible with really getting into some writing.

As it is I did do some work on Unit X. Back here I wrote the first character scene and it didn't work. Then I had my revelation about getting the characters wrong. Well, I edited the rubbish scene and it had much more punch and power, revealing character in a weird one-sided conflict (one character was trying to fight, the other wasn't). Nice.

Now I have to flip to Nazi Germany and need to do some more research just so I can get some sensible names in place. Names are so important.

And finally: Tony Hart has died. You know you're getting old when people who made your youth begin to disappear. I'm old enough to remember him in the BBC TV children's show Vision On which used sign language to make it accessible to the deaf, in the days when the BBC innovated and children's BBC innovated more than any other.

What's on the turntable? "The Last Time I Saw Richard" by Joni Mitchell from "Blue"

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