Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not about dogs

I've been at home all day and I haven't blogged ... oh.

Shall I bore you with the habits of dogs? Maybe not. Dogs are just disgusting animals. Cute but disgusting.

Watched Ep.2 of the latest series of Hustle on iPlayer. I don't know why I never bothered with earlier series because I love this sort of stuff. (Though I guessed the end in this episode.) It reminds me most of the "Mission: Impossible" TV series.

I added about 3 pages to "Unit X" and did more research because I realised I'd got my dates wrong - the first episode was happening too close to the end of the war. I sent off another query about US Army protocols to my contact. There are some bits I'm not happy with but must keep reminding myself this is the first draft, just finish it. I need to do more than 3 pages per day. But I did a fair amount of planning on the train yesterday, making notes on scenes I needed to put in.

Had a chat with someone at the BBC today, but not about me. About my son who's doing something for the TV show Bamzooki and the new CBBC micro-site that'll be launched in April. He'll be doing his thing this evening.

I hope we find out about Red Planet next week.

What's on the turntable? "Walk Straight Down the Middle" by Kate Bush from "The Sensual World"

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