Monday, January 05, 2009

Doctors and Demons

So, the new Dr Who actor.

I feel it's on a par with the casting of Daryl Hannah as Roxanne in Steve Martin's film of the same name, she's supposedly a student studying astrophysics. I like Daryl Hannah and there are parts to which she is perfectly suited like the mermaid Madison in Splash, or Pris in Bladerunner (and the re-make of Attack of the 50 foot Woman, which she co-produced, was good satire - a point missed by most). But she couldn't play a convincing astrophysics student.

I hope I'm wrong. (I do have a fairly "out-there" theory but I'm not going to expound it here.)

Then there was Demons. Well, my 11 year old son liked it. But giving Philip Glenister an American accent? Oh dear. I even read a quote from the producer that this was, somehow, supposed to give the impression that the demon world (the "half-life") was a global thing.

How disingenuous can you get? They did it to try to make it more saleable to the US market. However I suspect it will simply make it a joke. They could have got a real American to play the part. Or made the kid American instead.

I hope it improves.

I finished putting my changes into Air last night, and am now up to 20 pages. The overall structure feels right but there's still another 5 minutes to add. So I need to go back to my planning and see what can be sensibly added without it looking like padding.

What's on the turntable? "One Vision" by Queen from "A Kind of Magic" - the Highlander soundtrack album

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