Friday, January 02, 2009

The day after yesterday

I did say I'd do my "What's coming next year" yesterday, but life intervened, as it does. The family went for a major New Year's day walk, climbing through the moors, up icy ravines and across the heather. We made our own path. Then went to visit some friends and played board games.

So, 2009:

I don't like resolutions as such as they usually put the emphasis in the wrong place, "to diet" is a bad resolution; while "lose 2 stone" is a good target. I prefer to call them goals, but most people call them targets.

So I do goals and not resolutions.
  1. Get a writing commission.
  2. Complete my current works in progress
I don't have a goal to get an agent, at least I do, but not a "2009" goal. Because it's not essential, writers mostly find their own work anyway and you can use a solicitor to check your contract if you need to - or the WGGB if you are a member, which I am.

So works in progress are:

Air - my kids fantasy TV series, this needs the first episode filling out to full length and then working up to a high quality.

Unit X - can't say much about this, the chap who wants to get Monsters made, thinks Unit X is a fantastically commercial idea. So I better write it.

Une Nuit a Paris - needs a complete re-write but it turns out the French govt is now providing tax breaks for films made in France.

Winter - well, this may turn out to be the commission, it's not something I'm going to work on unless I get paid, it's far too complex. (I'll actually have to create a piece of software to help me write it!)

Last night I had another idea which I think will work best as a stage play, but it'll have to wait.

In other areas I really have to get a paying job fast. Annoying.

What's on the turntable? "Urge for Going" by Joni Mitchell from the compilation "Hits"

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