Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bristol - by the skin of my teeth

I had this problem, I hadn't been able to get hold of the Guest House that I had decided I wanted to use - it had a location relatively close to my new place of work. I tried using t'Interweb and that didn't work, I wanted to ring but my mobile was out of steam.

I had already booked the train (you can get cheap first class if you're careful - I got Reading to Bristol at £35.50) but had nowhere to stay.

I managed to top up my phone at Reading station but when I called the number I got voicemail that made me think I'd got the wrong number. "I'll wait till I get to Bristol," I thought," then find somewhere to check the number."

The train was nice with leather seats, so far the only first class I haven't liked has been Virgin.

I worked on Unit X, having done lots more research I've been fleshing out the main characters. Interesting when you think one of them is an American career soldier born in 1890 (who survived WWI) and another an Austrian scientist born in 1880 - how does that inform their attitudes in 1945?

I got to Bristol and called 118 118 - they hadn't even heard of the Guest House. So I tried the number again and got a real person, and it was the right number.

Only one small problem: they were fully booked. Now I'm not blaming them, after all it was very last minute. But then it turns out that one of their bookings was from a person who had left a name and phone number weeks ago and couldn't be contacted.

After some deliberation they said: "You can have the room." Apparently this person did ring slightly later and was told they had to go somewhere else. Do I feel bad? Well, not really, it wasn't me making the decision.

Then there was the taxi. Is it just me or is it a bad thing to tell your passenger you had an accident recently and you're still suffering from it? And he had a cold. And he was very tired. And this was his last fare. And he had no idea where he was going.

As the meter clicked past £5 I indicated I wasn't entirely happy about paying for trip time and distance when he had no idea where he was going. He switched the meter off and I phoned the Guest House. We had been going the wrong way.

So here I am. It's a reasonable place though I'm on the ground floor next to the kitchen, I hope people are considerate.

So I start work in the morning.

Other job news ... I might be working at the British Film Institute. That would be cool.

What's on the turntable? "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen from "Greatest Hits II"

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