Friday, January 23, 2009

Got me some learnin'

I mentioned back here that I'd sent off Air (my kids fantasy) to be given the once over by Philip Shelley. And that I was especially interested to know whether I'd learnt anything, since Monsters took me about 2 years to write and Air took me, say, three months (at the same rate).

And I shall also bring in Piers' blog (and Lucy's reply) about using commercial readers is a bad thing because they're just after your money so will never say it's ready.

Well, I'm happy to report that apparently I have learned something about writing from working with Lucy, Scott, Dave and Philip.

It's a bit shocking but I got exactly three notes about Air, none of which were earth-shattering, just clarifications. But, as far as Philip is concerned, it's good to go. In fact, he's sending already.

Well Piers, I'd say that was proof your viewpoint is flawed, sorry. (Of course there may be a reader or two that might be the way you describe, but I haven't met one.)

On a personal note, this is an amazing boost to my confidence as a writer as you may imagine. It means Monsters wasn't a one-hit wonder. Now I can continue Unit X with renewed vigour, knowing that I stand a reasonable chance of producing something decent.

What's on the turntable? "Money can't buy it" by Annie Lennox from "Diva", not sure I've had an Annie Lennox track on a blog before. However it goes along with my "I really like female singer-songwriters", I just remember a show where she and Dave Stewart were being interviewed and were invited to play something. So he gets out a guitar and they just sing. It was amazing - real talent.

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