Monday, April 06, 2009


Rachael has thrown a meme into the aether, to see where it sticks. And as we all know I just love the sound of my own typing. (Of course, right now, I'm at work preparing for the big launch this evening - I wrote this last night.)

When you get to be successful it is an absolute certainty that you will be asked: "Where do you get your ideas from?" Or, as this not-really-a-meme is worded: "Where do you get your inspiration?"

Me. Other people. Anything.

Monsters evolved from a desire to create something Buffy-like that didn't involve the supernatural or superpowers. But the original inspiration was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Air was originally seen as a new take on the 1970s TV series Sky which it is, but completely different.

Unit X came from me mis-hearing what two of my friends were saying.

Running started from "I have to write something with Parkour in it" for this producer.

I wrote a radio play based on a Eurythmics song: Would I Lie to You. I had this idea to write a whole series of them.

Une Nuit a Paris was inspired by a 10cc album.

Winter was (originally) inspired by the need to produce an action short.

Strings was pure me "I have to write a new story concept RIGHT NOW".

My novel Elona originally came from a live fantasy role-playing game.

The poetry I've written was either personal emotion, someone else's emotion, commentary on what I saw around me, or seeing something and zooming off on a flight of fantasy.

There was a time I was writing 3 poems a day based on current affairs, I was trying to get a newspaper to pay me to print them. I did it for three weeks. That's a lot of poems. It didn't work.

I don't get ideas from dreams or "my subconscious" or the news (except as mentioned above) - I do get inspiration from me, songs, other TV, the world. But it's all me in the end. (If that's not too philosophical.)

What's on the turntable? "Here is the news" by ELO from "News of the World" (I think)


Rachael Howard said...

Hey, thanks for the reference. Didn't realise I'd made a meme but that ever useful wikipedia put me right.

An interesting read and you get inspiration from 10cc and Eurythmics? Great sources.

Adaddinsane said...

Yup, you memed, you did.

I love music me. I love the stories in the songs.