Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here I am in my parent's house North of London. I've already had an argument with my Dad [sigh]. Had no e-mail for over 24 hours but now connected with the help of parent's neighbours - with their approval.

Came down on the train yester-eve, and spent the time figuring out the plot structure for Running using one of Jeff Kitchen's writing tools (called Sequence-Proposition-Plot - I'm not going to explain it - get the book). This is another tool for ensuring your plot is tightly focussed and doesn't have extraneous stuff lying around. It also makes you actually look at your plot.

I don;t know about you but I sometimes pretend I'm working out the plot when I'm not really, I'm just fiddling around.

I've signed in to ScriptFrenzy but need to get some pages written today - I'm currently on about 6 pages a day required to finish in time. If I write more than that each day then I'll make things easier as I approach the end.

Feeling a bit low because, though I am pleased for all the scribosphere Red Planet finalists who've been invited to Tony Jordan's masterclass - I'm not one of them. Disappointing.

Clearly: Must Try Harder.

Better stop prevaricating and get writing... (must just get the progress bar set up).

(The interview in Sheffield seemed to go okay, but I never seem to do well in the interviews up north - is it because I have a posh southern accent?)

Later that evening...

The progress bar isn't working ... perhaps Google have changed the interface.

Anyway, I've been writing like a man possessed and knocked out 5 pages in the last 90 minutes. With the pages I've already done that brings me up to 16 pages. So my average (for reasons of mathematics) has dropped from 6 pages a day down to 5.6 pages a day. But from now on I really must exceed that and write at least 6 per day.

What's on the turntable? "Amarok" by Mike Oldfield

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