Friday, April 03, 2009

It's cloutin' time!

As Ben Grimm might have said if he were British.

Language is a funny thing, innit? My daughter's English class were comparing words in the various English periods today. Unsurprisingly she had a wider grasp of meaning than the rest of her class - various tables comprise the Bimbos, the Primary School Boys and so on. Yes, it really happens.

But "clout": (a) A blow (as in striking); (b) A flag used as a target in archery; (c) Influence; (d) a short nail; (e) a piece of clothing (unspecified).

Thing is, I saw several hawthorn trees blooming today. And it was a fairly balmy day all round.

Casting a clout seemed quite in order now that the may is out. May is, as you knew, Hawthorn.

There is some discussion about this particular phrase here.

Now you can see how enormously clever the title is. (Ahem.)

The one year birthday of my blog is tomorrow. Coinciding, as it does, with the end of the financial year. A year of gibberish. I would write the blog tomorrow but tomorrow will be a busy day. I will be in work again in the morning, the afternoon is a party to celebrate the 60th Wedding anniversary of my parents. And they get a letter from the Queen. Oh yes. And one automatically every year from now on.

So I shall compose my one year blog birthday blog this evening and arrange for it to be shown tomorrow.

What's on the turntable? "The Time Has Come" by Mike Oldfield from "Islands". To be honest this is my least favourite Oldfield album, I much prefer QE2 from this period. But it's one of the albums I don't have on CD.

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