Monday, April 20, 2009

Soul ravioli

This is going to be a bit of a random post - hello to you if you followed the link from my Shooting People post.

I need another coffee.

The disadvantage of being a contractor is that there is that awkward time between jobs when you wonder whether you're going to get another one - and it happens every couple of months. I failed to get that Sheffield job. [sigh] The agent for the job was very put-out, in fact quite angry - she said "Perhaps he won't turn up, or he'll be rubbish."

He probably won't be rubbish. But contractors often don't turn up - apparently.

So today I shall to spend a big chunk of time contacting agencies and generally job hunting. I reckon we have about a month of money before things get tight. Trouble is the Teacher is a terrible worrier - well, no, actually she's extraordinarily good at worrying.

The Daughter is at her RADA audition this week, the Boy is not jetting off to any foreign countries in the forseeable future - but he's started working his way through the book of saxophone solos. Amazing how good the sax can sound even when it's not being played brilliantly - and he's not bad.

Oh, we all went to see "Monsters Vs Aliens" - it's fun. Most of the jokes are for adults but there's plenty of visual stuff for younger kids. The opening sequence introducing Susan and her situation is probably a couple of scenes too long but once you're past those the pace is pretty solid.

I should also mention we saw it in 3D. Excellent, some of the scenes (like the Rings of Saturn in the opening) were just wonderful.

Of course you can't believe anything I say - after all I preferred "Space Chimps" to "Wall-E", but I do have a reason. Of course Wall-E was technically beautiful but it is not the protagonist who beats the antagonist in the story. Wall-E has no desire to change anything, except make Eve like him, if he had not been in the story what would have changed? "Chimps" had a clear protagonist/antagonist conflict and structure.

I really liked Wall-E - I just thought Chimps was a better story. And funnier.

After the film I said to the Boy: "What was the film about?" "About her learning that she can do anything she wants" he says wisely. As I have mentioned previously, he's got a natural feel for TV/Film even at 11 years old, he also has a great sense of humour (he's been brought up on the right material).

The family were eating ravioli - the Daughter says "What's in ravioli?" with perfect timing the Boy growls "Your soul." Hilarity ensues. (Did I mention we are the Non Sequitur Family?)

Of course our kids are doomed. Can't remember what we were watching but it was an interview with some actor who's father was a screenwriter and mother was a teacher. A devastating combination - they are doomed to a life in entertainment. (Especially as the Teacher is also a writer, and I have been known to teach once in a while.)

Must get on, got the household chores to do, jobs to apply for - and screenplays to write.

(Hm, just had a call about a job in Brussels - not ideal, I suspect the pay won't be enough to cover the costs and taxes are higher.)

What's on the turntable? "You Better You Bet" The Who. Would you prefer to be a Mod or a Rocker?


Unknown said...

With all due respect, do you not think that your argument about "change" and "antagonist/protagonist" and so on is a tad too Screenwriting 101? What I mean is, I'm sure Robert McKee would agree with you, but do we really need to be confined in that formulaic box?

Adaddinsane said...

Actually: yes, and no, in that order. Yes it was a simplistic statement and no we shouldn't be confined to a formulaic box.

And I admit I was thinking about it when I wrote that. I've never read McKee, on principle.

There are great stories that have involved protagonists that don't change (The Fugitive [movie] for example), and other forms.

However the protagonist is always active, I'm sure you'll agree the protagonist should drive the plot. Wall-E doesn't. He's not even around in the main scenes where the antagonist is defeated. Hence my view that Space Chimps is actually a better film.