Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scriptfrenzy update

So my second day of writing, I needed to do 5.6 pages to stay in the game, and I wrote 7, cool. We're 23 pages in and we just hit the end of the Act I. Pretty much on schedule.

In fact it was a very tough 7 pages because a lot of it was action and no dialogue so it ended up being a lot of black on the page and a lot of typing just to fill the page. Dialogue eats through the pages a lot quicker.

The script is called Running and there's an awful lot of running in it. The opening action sequence, and then the end of Act I which runs (ha-ha-ha-ha, geddit "runs") into Act II. Well it is intended to appeal to a certain type of audience, and hopefully it will.

Maybe Luc Besson will exec produce it like he did "Banlieue 13", then he'll listen to my insane idea to adapt a brilliant 1960s SF book ... but I can't talk about that. Let's just say it could turn into a cult movie like Bladerunner. Really.

What's on the turntable? "Empty Room" by Vangelis from "Bladerunner CD3"


Scaramanga said...

Keep on Keeping on and all that eh?

Congrats on beating the target! So does that mean that next time you will set it at 7 pages?


Adaddinsane said...

Don't need to as the target number comes down each time you beat it. As long as I stay above the target it shrinks.

That's maths, that is.

Besides my time is very limited.