Thursday, April 09, 2009

When one window opens...

...a door slams shut in your face.

Wild weekend of chocolate debauchery, what more could you want?

Finished off the second draft of my Torchwood/Being Human 15min crossover, Which? Gave it to the daughter, who likes it but then what else would she say? She never expresses an opinion about my work. Then the wife (remember: wife was also magazine editor for 15 years, she was my boss for a chunk of that [while we were married], a rare creature: a relative whose opinion is trustworthy) she felt a feature of the plot wasn't clear but the voices were right - she could hear the characters saying the lines.

Which was the point.

Anyway I always intended to treat this script seriously from the writing viewpoint (even though it was a bit of fun) so it's heading off for reading by my usual consultants. (Hope they don't charge their usual prices...)

In my own writing I tend to write strong female characters as the protagonists. Being Human and Torchwood currently have 3 main characters each, one in each group being female. For this script I found them the hardest to integrate - but let's face it 6 strong characters in 15 pages, not the recipe for balance. Not to mention the baddie: a strong female character.

So the first part of my target is complete. Now I have to join Scriptfrenzy and get cracking on Running.

Liked the Dr Who, quite liked the Primeval a bit holey on the plot front but done with confidence and panache. I adore No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

What's on the turntable? "The Wind Chimes" by Mike Oldfield from "Islands"

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