Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Living it large on humble pie

Edit: "humple pie"? He-he-he-he. Humple! (I misspelt humble in the title.)

I got the feedback on Unit X today. Philip Shelley was concerned that I might be upset by his blunt comments about it. I am going to repeat my e-mail reply to him here, I think it's that important.

Hi Philip

I have read your notes. I smile wryly: that’s pretty much what the original notes about Monsters said.

Lacking in focus.

Clearly I have learned nothing.

Except that if you had asked me, when I first sent out Monsters, what I thought was wrong with it, I would have had no idea. (This was before you saw it.)

But if you’d have asked me what I thought was the main problem with Unit X, I would have said “lack of a clear protagonist”. (So why did I send it to you? Because I needed someone else to tell me and point at bits going “what on earth is that?”

So I have learned something. Which is good. Comments like “baffling” also applied to Monsters.

Besides what are my normal high standards? You’ve only seen two scripts by me - you didn’t see Une Nuit a Paris which was absolutely slammed by Dave Bull (“sub-Carry On”). He wanted me to tell him that I had written it before Monsters, but I hadn’t - however I had sent him a first draft. Won’t do that again!

I needed a bit of humility. You have handed me some humble pie on a plate. I eat with relish.

I’m not past writing rubbish and, as far as Unit X goes (and Une Nuit a Paris) I just haven’t found the story yet.

As I said, I’m not a tender flower, and when you told me I had some talent you lit a fire under my writing which can’t be put out.

Loving that humble pie - smothered in raspberry sauce.

What's on the turntable? "All is Full of Love" by Bjork from "Homogenic". Bjork is just so ... Bjork.


Paul McIntyre said...

It's brave of you to post this, and I'm glad you did.

Hopefully you'll figure out what you need to do with Unit-X and hone it into the piece you always hoped it could be.

Good luck with it - I hope Mr Shelley's opinions were useful.

Unknown said...

I love your spirit of not giving up, and doing the do. Keep at it!