Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scriptfrenzy 12 days to go

Are we bored yet?

Eight pages this evening, some action but nice big chunks of dialogue to help the pages along. So that's 38 pages and the average drops to 5.2 pages per day to finish.

The script has gone slightly off the rails I had laid down in my detailed planning, but that's to be expected. Essentially it's on target.

I had been a little worried about the number of pages but my Act IIa has become chunkier (more things happen in a slightly different way to the planning) which means when I do reach the middle I should be at about 50 pages.

(And welcome to Foxi Rose, my 20th follower - forgot to welcome Mattson Tomlin who was #19. Hey you guys!)

If anyone else is doing Scriptfrenzy, by the way, I am known on there as "Gile Wemmbley-Hogg " (two Ms, two Gs).

What's on the turntable? "No Expectation Boulevard" by Vangelis from "Bladerunner CD3"

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