Monday, March 30, 2009

Searchamafacation #2

So let's see what people have been searching for on this lil ole blog in the last month...

  1. Me! (32 times)
  2. Red Planet (17) - no surprise there. My daily visits are typically in the 30-40 range, when there's a Red Planet blog they shoot up to 80-100.
  3. Being Human (16), popular show and I've mentioned it a few times.
  4. Celtx (10) - my script-writing software of choice. It's free (-ish).
  5. Go Go Google Gadget! Progress Bar! (9)
  6. Joint fifth: BBC's Merlin (9)
  7. Tiddly Pom - those immortal words by Winnie-thar-Pooh.
Joint 8th (3): Toby Whithouse, Gordon Giltrap and "Show don't Tell".

The weirdest search that resulted in a visit: "it was dawn when the skull wept blood."

So what's next on the writing front, as Charles asked?

Which needs to compost for a week or two; Unit X feedback will arrive at the end of the week; and I need to write a treatment for Running - but I'm not ready for that yet.

One thing that's been preying on my mind is my "make me a million pounds in 3 years" website. My business partner is getting a little peeved. So I think I'll give my evenings over to that until I get the Unit X feedback.

What's on the turntable? "Ballet Volta" by Sky from "Sky 2" yum.


David Turner said...

My favourite google search term that got someone to my site was "David Turner Drug Dealer".


"It was dawn when the skull wept blood" is the first line from my most recent novel, A Massacre in Marienburg, published last December. Make of that what you will...

Adaddinsane said...

Curious ... must be Google doing one of its "these words don't actually appear here but in the place they do appear there are links to this site so it must be related" things.

Nice line.

David Turner said...

Damn Chick-Lit novels and their soppy opening lines! :-)