Monday, March 02, 2009

Lost in time and in space ... and meaning

Random thoughts...

(1) I am a huge fan of the Rocky Horror Show (yes, I have attended in appropriate attire, basque with 4 inch heels, I was better looking in those days - well, thinner, anyway; and The Timewarp is the only thing I'll dance to nowadays), but the headline on this blog has no meaning other than the fact that I love it as a line. (It's from the end of the film version.)

(2) Look, the progress bar increases ... I've been writing Running. It's not very good and it's been going slowly, for the same reason. The problem was that I knew the beginning and I knew the nature of the end, sort of, and bits of the middle but it wasn't a cohesive thing. On the train this evening I got out my trusty notepad and jotted down an outline of the plot so that everything became properly congealed.

(3) So I'm off to the Toby Whithouse Q&A at the Soho Theatre on Wednesday evening - anyone else going so we can have jolly drinkie[1] afterwards? (Well, I already am because Rob is going - anyone else?) Make sure you have your questions prepared.

Unfortunately, irritatingly, I haven't actually seen the last episode of Being Human, it will no doubt be thoroughly spoilered on Wednesday. C'est la vie.

(4) The enormity of my next 4 weeks at work hit home today. I have to re-skin the entire website and add functionality for one of the biggest sites in the country. Oh dear.

(5) It's my parents 60th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. Gosh.

(6) It's Pam & my 25th wedding anniversary a few weeks after that. Ultra gosh.

(7) You never know who you're going to meet at events like the Q&A, so I'm preparing a section of one of my websites and my old business cards with the correct URL scribbled on the back.

(8) Better do some work.

What's on the turntable? "On the Run" by Pink Floyd from "Dark Side of the Moon". Oh yeah.

[1] Bearing in mind alcohol is not a fan of me, I'm more inclined towards coffee. Just thought I'd mention it.


Jason Arnopp said...

See you later at The Whithouse, sir!

Adaddinsane said...

Aha, excellent.