Friday, March 06, 2009

Paint me purple...

... and call me an aubergine.

I read so much about screenwriting, slowly it all comes together. (Trouble is half the time I can't remember where it came from.)

Just had a mini-revelation: In one of the WordPlay articles by the famous Hollywood screenwriting double-act Terry Rossio andTed Elliott, I think, they mention that every scene has to be a "situation". This has been going round and round in my head for a couple of weeks, I didn't truly understand what they meant by "situation" if truth be told.

Then, barely 10 minutes ago, another piece of screenwriting loveliness came to mind: The 36 Dramatic Situations (actually there are more than 36, each one has several subdivisions) compiled by Georges Polti.


I am so stupid. Them's is the situations.

If your scene does not contain one of those situations it isn't dramatic. Write that one in 6 foot high letters on the inside of your skull - well, I have sufficient room in my head to do that.

Oooh, now we can get really meaty.

Posted for your amusement and, perhaps, erudition.

What's on the turntable? "Wait for me" by Vangelis from "Bladerunner"

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