Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Questions, questions...

Still preparing for the Toby Whithouse Q&A tomorrow.

I suddenly realised how I could watch the final episode of Being Human. The BBC iPlayer has a download option, I had rejected this previously because the download speed on Rubbish Internet is so bad that, well, here's an example: I'm downloading Patrick Moore's latest Sky at Night, just the 30 minutes version, and it will take over 60 hours to do the last 60%, currently doing 52 bytes/second. (You thought I was joking about my Rubbish Internet.)

But I get much better response at the office during the day - why not download during the day and watch in the evening? Why not indeed. So I did. But even then it took 6 hours!

However it worked and I watched said episode. Phew. Not as totally brilliant as the rest of the series, there'll be questions.

Yes, a lot of questions. Twenty-five (25) in fact, and I've just thought of another one for the list, so 26 questions. I hope no one else has got any. Perhaps I should write them on strips of paper and hand them out.

Still, it means there won't be any awkward silences, I'll always be there to fill the breach with "Hi ... my name is Addy, and ... I'm a screenwriter." No, no awkward silences, just awkward "Has anybody else got a question?"

On my Precautions Just In Case, I have written the URL to my scripts on the back of ten (10) of my business cards - just in case I meet anyone Important. And now I've realised I forgot to mention Monsters is shortlisted for ... some ... writing? ... prize ... I think ... can't quite remember now ... so long ago.

Rubbish Internet is now down to 2 bytes/second. Pathetic. You might wonder why I'm even bothering, well I want to download Heroes tomorrow at work so I'm hoping to get as much done of this as I can so I have time. And, to be fair, it will get better as the evening wears on, plus I can leave it going over night.

Right. Fix website, write some of Running.

What's on the turntable? "Crime of the Century" by Supertramp from "Crisis, what crisis?" (How ironic.)

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