Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lack of brains or more brawn?

Honestly I can be a right wally.

Last night I packed away my computer, putting the cables in my bag and headed off home ... idly thinking that carrying my laptop around was clearly making me stronger as it wasn't so heavy...

It would have helped if I'd put the computer in the bag.

It really wasn't until I got back to the flat that it dawned on me that I did not have it. I have no radio, no TV and I'd almost finished the book I was reading. So I finished it. Then I did some paper work that needed doing, then I did a bit of script planning ... and went to bed early.

To add insult to injury when I met up with my computer this morning it wouldn't connect to the Innertubes. All day. Despite having 5 bars of connectivity. It would try, go through the authorisation and then "Computer says no". I worried a bit about whether my account had been disconnected for some reason but I got back to the flat and it worked! On one bar.

Insane. I shall complain vociferously if it fails at work again tomorrow.

So I had a zillion emails, none of which were important. And 28 blogs to read.

So Red Planet announcement soon? Mmm.

Right, I'm all behind so best be getting on.

Missing you already.

What's on the turntable? "Turn of the Century" by Yes from "Going for the One"


Jason Arnopp said...

If it makes you feel any better, Lord 'Sane, I contrived to leave my front door keys at a production company's offices in Norwich.

Adaddinsane said...

That is fairly appalling.

Fear of Key-losing (does it have a proper phobia name?) is enough to give me nightmares.

(Although it doesn't because I don't have nightmares, except when I have a fever, which is almost never. But if I did, that would cause it.)