Monday, March 09, 2009

Getting the treatment

Urgle. Not blogging 'cos I just have so much on.

Currently I'm working on the treatment for Monsters so that I can enter it into the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival - I already have a 4-day ticket. In fact I have ticket #1 for the coming event. (When I say "coming", you know, like, October. Yuck.)

Any road up. I was reading their FAQ and came across the bit that said "put a copyright message on every page". What? What am I, a newbie who thinks someone's going to steal my work?

I wrote and complained. I explained that the mere thought of putting a copyright message on every page was making my skin crawl. I spend enough time telling newbies to stop worrying about copyright.

I got a nice email back explaining that yes, perhaps they had overreacted, it was just that stoopid newbies had taken them to task over copyright. God 'elp us. They've amended it to just having a copyright message on the title page. Phew. I can live with that. Even though it's pointless and unnecessary.

So I'm doing this treatment. About 2/3rds the way through. You know, Monsters is a jolly good yarn - I can say that now 'cos I haven't read it for months.

Of course if I win (hah!) the Red Planet Prize I'll have to change the entry to Air.

What's on the turntable? More Bladerunner by Vangelis. I really must change the record. But I like it. And it's non-intrusive, so ideal for writing.


Lucy V said...

This is for Scriptmarket, right? It's a great opportunity.

Adaddinsane said...

I didn't say that, did I? Silly me. Yes, it's scriptmarket - it is, and there's a good probability anyone entering will get into the 30. (How many people will buy 4 day tickets? 200? How many of those will actually submit scripts? 50%? And 30 get picked - 1 in 3. Them's good odds.)

David Turner said...

We should possibly organise a Screenwriters Festival drink-a-thon there!

Adaddinsane said...


I'll just watch.

I like to watch.[1]

(I don't really do alcohol - not a religious thing, I just don't like it.)

[1] Name that film...