Thursday, April 17, 2008

White hot keyboard

So I tried really really hard to get some writing in tonight, and I succeeded. Being way behind on my Scriptfrenzy script I really needed to make some progress.

10 pages in two hours. Now that's cooking with gas. Not that it's all brilliant stuff. After all this is just 1st draft, and according to Scriptfrenzy principles you should not edit, you just keep writing.

Well I did edit a bit. I realised that the Brothel Madame had a different name from when I first mentioned her. And the audience needed to know that the main character's credit card was maxed-out -- and he didn't -- so I did a quick jump back to the beginning.

My hero, Brian, has now been to the brothel and tried to rescue Veronique, but she really didn't want to be rescued and he got kicked out.

I also created a lovely character, the bouncer (son of the Madame) Christophe Le Grande, who is full of philosophy, but carries out his appointed task (throwing out Brian) with skill and pain.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with myself and I just need to keep up an average of 5.5 pages per day but if I do a couple more good evenings it'll get easier. This is what I was saying in my last blog about the benefits of deadlines and a professional attitude.

So, it's Thursday and tomorrow I shall be travelling home in the afternoon I have a seat reserved on the through train from Reading to Manchester so I could easily get another chunk of script completed.

We shall see.

What's on the turntable? "Carey" by Joni Mitchell, from the "Hits" compilation

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