Sunday, April 13, 2008


Carrying my computer backpack and reading my Drupal book, I travelled from Manchester to Reading, it wasn't a direct journey: Car. Then trains Manchester-Birmingham, Birmingham-Cheltenham, Cheltenham-Reading. Taxi.

Nothing strenuous, considering how bad my trip to Dundee was on occasions. On one particular occasion a distance which should have taken 10 minutes took 3 hours, on top of the standard 6 hours for the journey.

This was a doddle. Another weird thing, in Dundee (Scotland for anyone who doesn't know) I always felt like a foreigner, wrong accent. But Reading is south, and I came from this sort of place originally. I fit right in. (30 years in Manchester and I never lost my accent.)

So here I am in my little flat, getting to grips with everything, trying to get things into their proper places. I forget to bring the extension lead which means I can't move the fridge and freezer to where I want them.

My lack of a kettle didn't stop me from making some tea -- green tea. This is probably the place to say that I'm planning on losing weight. If I don't buy bread, I can't snack on it, and so on. We shall have to see how this plan goes.

And in case you hadn't noticed, I have temporary Internet, and I'm not stealing it. Turns out I'm on the edge of a BT OpenZone hotspot, so I've bought enough time to last me the week while I sort out a little plug-in thingy.

So. No TV. I can't re-tune the terrestrial channels because the remote control needs batteries, and there's no aerial (as mentioned). And I've got one (count it: One) CD with me.

There's clearly only one option. I shall have to do some writing. But on what?

What's on the turntable? "Drink Down the Moon" by Steeleye Span

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