Friday, April 04, 2008

Oh dear, I've got a job

Here's a pretty kettle of fish.

This time last year I became familiar with a thing called Drupal ... it's for building websites, it's very clever and it's free.

As a result I've had two contract programming jobs so far, one in Leeds and one in Dundee, and I've been making rather more money that I had been previously. (Editing books and writing web content for websites.)

This is good.

I've just been offered a 6 month contract in Reading (about 20 miles west of London) in a very large organisation, running a major project which will influence the lives of millions. (Actually true.) And I'm prevaricating. (That's why I'm writing this blog instead of doing what I should be doing.)

I've already accepted it but it means that, for at least 6 months, I'm going to be living away from home (home at weekends) and not doing all the thing I should be doing for my kids and wife.

The Dundee job was similar (Dundee being well into Scotland) but was only for a month.

But, frankly, we need the money. And it's a seriously good job.

And I'll be able to write in the evenings.

No choice.

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