Sunday, April 13, 2008


Three days without writing and the prospect of a life without TV or Internet.

I'm torn. (See this brilliant video.)

There's nothing better than no distractions to prevent the prevarication inherent in writing. Every writer prevaricates, that's why the professionals give themselves a schedule. Like going to work, because that's exactly what it is. Just because we might enjoy writing doesn't mean it isn't work.

Of course writing isn't just writing. It's thinking about character and events, it's planning, and you can do that sort of thing while driving a car or watching TV. (Well, maybe not the latter -- but for a TV writer watching TV is research. How cool is that?)

But it hasn't really been prevarication that's prevented me from writing over the last few days, it's been this trip to Reading. On Friday I spent the day preparing, going shopping for stuff I'm going to need (I remembered the can opener at the last moment, but forgot a kettle.)

I found the best way to think about packing in terms of rooms (divide and conquer): Kitchen, Bedroom, Lounge, Bathroom and work. So it's a case of "what do I need for the kitchen?" and so on.

Saturday was a little tiring, I drove to Reading with all my stuff, 4 hours, and managed to get miss my turn twice. Which is odd for me. I paid a very large amount of cash to the Letting Agent (nice people, which was one reason I chose them) and got the keys. Drove to the flat and saw it for the first time. (And then drove back in 3.5 hours.) Met the landlord, signed things.

The flat's not too bad. Everything's in reasonably good nick. The washing machine/tumble drier is new (apparently) but I'll need to take an extension lead so I can put the fridge where I want it and get access to all the kitchen units. But there's no telephone (there is an unconnected socket) so getting the Internet is an issue. And there's what I think is a Sky cable but nothing else. So there's no TV either.

But these things are such distractions. Think how much I could write if I wasn't distracted. But I need my research!

I do have a TV and a DVD player. Perhaps I can get the basic terrestrial channels for starters, then a Freeview box for £30 and a better internal aerial. Then get a mobile plug-in thingy on contract, hm, maybe I can do something with Orange since I already have a contract with them.

There might be an unprotected WiFi in the area as a stopgap.

So, this afternoon I pack up my computer and a few other things, give my car to a friend who's helping with the "moving children around" while I'm away and off to the station. For the trip down.

What's on the turntable? Nothing. My wife is working at the other desk and she's listening to an Agatha Christie Poirot story on BBC7.

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