Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Just dropping back to say that I've just done another 10 pages, in an hour and a half. So we're up to about 61 now which brings me back to a stage I was at two weeks ago of needing about 5.5 pages per day to finish on time.

Pretty pleased with what I've done today too, it's got a bit of pathos and a really nice bit of humour, plus lots of other emotions floating around. The protagonist hit his barrier and broke through now he's about to make the decision that's going to drive him towards the climax, but there's still the point of no return to come.

I wonder if I can put in the ticking clock as well. I probably can, after all this is Une Nuit in Paris and dawn is going to come at some point. Considering the lack of planning (although I have always had an overall plan in my head) this is going surprisingly well.

What's on the turntable? "I Spy" by Pulp from "Different Class"

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