Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tart inspires utopia

I wanted to get all the paperwork for the Reading trip sorted yesterday. I didn't. I didn't get any of it done. The Job Agency say there's no problem but he needs to talk to the expert on the filling in of what jobs I've done, she's in today.

The nice lady at the Letting Agency was out so I couldn't talk to her about this Tenancy Application form which also wants information that, frankly, I just don't have.

Today maybe. Time running out. I can just see the countdown timer on the bomb.

Despite the stress I managed to get up to 12 pages on my ScriptFrenzy script (Une Nuit a Paris), so if I can keep this up I'll catch up eventually. Hm, actually 5 x (30-14) = 80, plus the 12 I've done = 92. I need to do at least 6 pages per day, and it'd be better if I did some major catching up.

My script revolves around a stag party trip to Paris, where the bridegroom-to-be falls for a prostitute. It's a rom-com, in theory. Except I've never really written any comedy before so I don't even know if I can be funny.

And I've never been on a stag night. (Never even invited.)

I have been to Paris.

But never met a Parisian prostitute. (Though I have seen them at the Bois de Boulogne driving through during the evening. That would be me driving, not the prostitutes.)

Not sure the wife would be happy if I chose to research the subject in any depth.

(Wondering what the title of this blog is about? It's an anagram of Parisian Prostitute.)

(Irony? The word 'blog' is not in the blogger spelling checker dictionary.)

(No more parentheticals.)


What's on the turntable? "I Remember You" by the Eurythmics

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